Monday, March 22, 2010

The spray-paint can is mightier

I found another piece o' graffiti of interest in my 'hood, conveniently located next to a dumpster and an overturned dining room chair:

I'm posting this for the benefit of my fellow readers of a worthy blog called I Blame the Patriarchy, but also because I very much consider myself a Blamer of Things. Yes, I blame the patriarchy for a number of social ills, but I also blame:
  • Beamer-driving a-holes for making my commute suck
  • Capitalism for ruining democracy
  • DRM for my inability to listen to the rest of "Anna Karenina" during my commute
  • Yuppies for taking the fun out of being a foodie
  • Hipsters for taking the fun out of facial piercings
  • Society for my misanthropy
  • Oregon for making my feet wet 9 months out of the year
My main point here is that while it may be psychologically easier to accept and work with a reality that is often very much no fun, it makes a helluva lot more sense to see things as they are, find the source(s) of injustice and point your rage and blame in the correct direction.

Add your own stuff worthy of blame in the comments!

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  1. Again with the graffiti! I'm beginning to suspect your top-secret involvement with a vegan feminist gang of wall-defacers. But don't worry, I won't report you.

  2. I blame the US rabidly capitalistic society for demanding that I work 40 hours a week when many other Westernized capitalist countries average 30-35 hours (thank you Western Europe). I also blame said society for the guilt its members attempt to place on me when I express the desire to work less than 40 hours. Especially when I know I would be more productive per hour with a shorter week as I now have loads of down time to post comments on blogs.
    I blame the idiot who chose the desk chair that I sit in for my uncomfortableness.
    I blame genetics for giving me bad eye sight, which cost me almost $2,000 to fix.
    I blame ridiculously over-priced higher education that required me to enter the work force in debt.
    Wow, I do feel better.

  3. Interesting related fact: People who work more than 48 hours a week (read: me, probably most full-time workers if you count commute time and the time it takes to get ready for work), are at least one bazillion times more likely to die of a coronary heart attack. Also, overtime is associated with back injuries, higher blood pressure, a greater rate of accidents, and less time dedicated to health promotion activities (like, say, exercise, and not actively hating your employer).

    That's right, SCIENCE PROVES that overtime is a tool of Satan.

  4. Your blogs give me faith that there are, in fact, some things that are still right with the world. And rage-driven blame is something I partake of as much as I can, and I wholly adore you for voicing it! Plus? I feel like it's physically relieving to put that shit out there. You know? Like, "hey, this weather sucks! It must be your (*points at douchebag in my office*) fault and here's my rationalization why"
    Almost everything is his fault, actually, from the zit I got this morning (a direct result of the stress of dealing with his douchebaggery in Friday's meeting) to the traffic jam at lunch (because he was on a motorcycle and couldn't trigger the stoplight, backing up traffic for a mile).

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks rage-driven blame is the only logical response to the douchebags of the world. Freud knows what he can do with his "improperly directed anger" crap.

  6. @jon My involvement with the vegan feminist gang is no secret.

  7. I blame today's weather for making me wish I wasn't at work and instead outside playing in the sunshine, thereby forcing me to read blogs in a covert act of rebellion against my employer.

    Also, I blame Sarah for being so darn entertaining.

  8. Why thank you, Lindsay. I hereby release you to go outside and play.



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