Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vaginas are the center of the world!

Continuing on yesterday's theme of terrifying advertisements, today I bring you more douchebaggery (no, literally!) via the new Summer's Eve ad campaign:

I had no idea vaginas had babies ALL BY THEMSELVES! Amazing, I say, simply incredible! Also? Douching is pretty much the opposite of taking care of your "cradle of civilization." No self-respecting medical professional would ever recommend anyone do such a weird-ass thing to their privates.

Buuuut in a strictly academic sense, at least they're taking a new approach to helping women get uterine and yeast infections. Just try cradling a civilization after a bout with pelvic inflammatory disease! I dare ya.

Video via Feministe and Adrants.


  1. First! I rule all things. Including vaginas. Oh wait, no, they rule me, yes? So confuzed.

  2. Ah yes, nothing like a good joust to make a woman feel loved. Or at least make her ladyparts feel loved. So cool too that women just wait around for the fight to be over to see who they have to have sex with. Ferfuckssake.

  3. dude, i saw this at the theater when i went to see the new HP

    i was so enraged, i said out loud in the theater how obviously sexist the commercial was, no one else seemed to really care D=

  4. ‎"The most powerful thing... on EARTH!!!" Personally, I'm not sure I can trust my lady parts with that much unbridled, all-consuming power. It's like being in charge of gravity, or friction. Naaah.

  5. So... wait. Now douching is a bad thing? Sorry to sound stupid, but I don't possess a vagina. I thought douching was something you did to FIX yeast infections, not cause them.

  6. Yep, Kalvyn - douching has been a bad thing for years (not just all of a sudden). It's unhealthy for vaginas and all their attached parts, and can actually be dangerous. Instead of "cleaning out" any infections that are present, the the douching stuff pushes harmful stuff (like bacteria and what-have-you) further up the ol' tubulature, and can cause serious damage.

    Douche companies don't give a damn about whether douching is good, bad or indifferent, and instead capitalize on stigma surrounding ladyparts to make a buck.



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