Monday, June 4, 2012

First weekend in June

Had a lovely time spending too much at the fancy-pants liquor store, eating deep-fried things at the semi-dive bar, examining pretentious art and contemplating my toes with felines.

How was your weekend?


  1. Someone's going to have an awesome boozey summer!

  2. Hey, you scored the Maraschino and the Creme de Violette! Have you mixed a batch of Aviations yet? We generally restrict ourselves to Saturday night (or dinner out at the fried artichoke joint which has a full bar) because these pack a serious wallop, but then we aren't as bouncy as we once were. In any case I hope your birthday celebration has an Aviation in the mix.

  3. Re Pimm's: they used to make five or six variants, based on different kinds of spirit--rm, Scotch, etc. There was a brandy-based one (Pimm's No. 5? maybe) that I liked with soda, over ice, with a twist, on warm summer afternoons. I think they just make No. 1 (rum?) now.

    Cointreau I find too sweet to drink straight; it's a nice little orange-y addition to mixed drinks or desserts e.g. chocolate mousse.



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