Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: Swedish edition

Jose Gonzalez. You want to have his babies:


  1. Poor guy. We didn't have the older generation leaning all over us the way you do.

  2. Well that's just the impression I get from the vid that he is sitting in a cab worrying about all those people.
    When I was young, years would go by when I hardly gave a thought to my parents. I did call my mother to chat now and then, but long distance calls were expensive, so that was not something I did very often.
    When they got very old, of course, we had to help them out.
    We were self supporting, too, which I think made us more independent.
    And the generation gap was huge. We were like different species. That distance is not so great now.
    Our relationships with our children and grandchildren are completely different. We are in close touch and see them often, even though we live in Hawaii and they live in Seattle. We hope we can avoid becoming a trial to them some day, but the odds are against that.



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